Mar 222017

 The children were given an interesting range of books on Insects found in New Zealand from the Library as many children while either digging up potatoes from the garden or those involved in finding unidentified insects in the potato had a lot of unanswered questions which I hoped they would be able to find answers to in the library books. I also put out magnifying glasses curious as to how the children would use them in this investigation. The children were very curious and interested as they looked at the pictures in the books. They asked lots of questions and shared information as they discovered where bugs lived, their size, their behaviour, and were able to identify familiar species. Many children were able to make connections between the insects in the books and those found at the Centre or at home. They used the magnifying glasses a lot. Sylvie was really sure that she had found the insects in the potato as she pointed to a photo of a Centipede and counted up all its tiny legs as she looked through her magnifying glass.

What learning is happening here?

The children are making links about insects between the early childhood setting and the wider world. They shared information and developed new knowledge and theories about  insects. Written by Liz Grigg (Teacher)