Aug 072017

To support the children learning about Matariki we took them to Te Papa where we were met by our guide Martin and our learning began.  We learnt actions for Matariki, whenua, whanau, kai and korero. I wonder if any of the children have showed these actions to you?  We walked through to the Marae, where we were not able to take photos out of respect for the iwi whom belong to this Marae from the Wairarapa.  We were however, able to crawl into the wharepuni, where people sleep and keep warm and then we went into the Wharenui, the meeting house, where we saw beautiful carvings and tukutuku patterns made from weaving and kowhaiwhai, the painted patterns on the ceiling.  Next we looked inside the whare-pataka where the food was stored. A treehouse, as described by Lachlan. Martin said the matariki cluster of stars are still present in the skies, if you want to get up at 5am to see them.