Testimonials from our parents


Child drawing at St Mary's childcare centre.

Read some testimonials from our parents.


“It is with great sadness that it is our daughter’s last day today. We will truly miss St Mary’s and here are the reasons why:


  • St Mary’s is the best early childhood education centre.
  • St Mary’s teachers go out of their way to support you as a parent.
  • St Mary’s became our extended family in New Zealand – all the teachers are really caring, enthusiastic and energetic and provided all the attention in the world to our daughter.
  • St Mary’s provided an environment building our child’s confidence and today she is a very confident and content girl.
  • St Mary’s always worked around her routine.
  • You can walk in anytime into St Mary’s and you will hear children laugh and having a great time.
  • St Mary’s provided different toys and different activities for daughter every day to ensure she develops to her potential.
  • St Mary’s food is of excellent quality and cooked freshly every day.
  • St Mary’s playground is just the best – spacious with a big sandpit, swings, slides, water play and more.
  • St Mary’s always cater for activities around Easter, Christmas and Mothers’ Day, to name a few.
  • St Mary’s organises special activities for the children such as ‘Zippity Zoo’.

So we will truly miss you St Mary’s.”

“We have been part of the St Mary’s family for the past 5 years and couldn’t be happier with the warm, secure and fun learning environment. The wonderful, caring and experienced staff are all so welcoming, they know the individual children and families well. We so appreciate the smiles, the cuddles, the love, the laughter and of course the hard work and dedication they put in to make it such a happy and nurturing place.


The nutritious meals are a real bonus. The smell of homemade baking often greets you as you enter the front door.

Most importantly, the children love it! Our 2 ½ year old son gets excited when it is a ‘Mary’s day and can’t wait to tell us about the songs he has sung or the games he has played. We are so grateful to all those who are involved with the Centre – they do an AMAZING job!”

“My daughter started at the Centre aged 2 ½ years. I love the fact the staff took time to settle her at her own pace and she had lots of nurturing attention. I appreciate the Centre’s good ratios, which allow good quality supervision. I also enjoy the family events that are planned throughout the year which are a great time to meet other families and let siblings come along and join in. The Centre’s teaching of Christian values is also important to me as well as the fact that all children can interact together as well as having time in groups with children of similar age.


I also love the smell of home baking that greets me when we enter each morning! Alice in the kitchen is a star and its lovely not to have to worry about organising food for the day. My daughter is now well settled in the Centre and I have recommended its care to many friends!”

“I am a parent of a child currently at the Centre (she is 4), and of another who was at the Centre two years ago. I could not speak more highly of the service St Mary’s has provided during my association with the Centre. The facilities are excellent, but it is the staff who make this an outstanding facility. They are all creative, intelligent, effective, and hugely empathetic. It could be because the Centre operates under the auspices of the Anglican church, but there is a real sense of community engagement: the staff seem to have a genuine interest in the lives of the families with which they are involved, which means family and teachers can work together in the child’s best interests.


There is a real respect for the individuality of each child, but on the other hand, the children are taught to respect the boundaries set for them by the staff too. I’m pretty certain that this helped my little boy hit the ground running when he moved from St Mary’s to school.

St Mary’s would seem to be a model of how this type of facility should operate.”

“2 1/2 years ago, when we first initiated our search for a child care centre for our son, friends had recommended St Mary’s Childhood Education Centre to us. However, we wanted to undergo our own exploration around the childcare facilities to make sure we were making an informed decision. As part of this process, we explored several childcare facilities in our local suburb. We came to the conclusion rather easily to proceed with St Mary’s Early Childhood Education Centre. The main reasons for this were that we felt that the Centre had a small, closely knit family unit, which had strong family values with supportive, professional and friendly teachers.


They also had a good learning environment and education plan for the different age groups throughout the year.

The physical facilities were appealing and the Centre had an overall positive energy that we were pleased with. The in-house cooking and baking service that they provide for the children was also very comforting to know that your child was having well-balanced meals the days they attended.

Looking back now over the past two and half years, St Mary’s Early Childhood Education Centre has exceeded our expectations. The teachers are extremely supportive, knowledgeable and professional in their approach to not only your own child but to all others attending the Centre. The teachers have the children’s best interests at heart and are truly committed to their ongoing learning and development. They are a very special group of individuals, which we are extremely lucky to have supporting and caring for our son as he grows and develops and transitions into his first year of school.

All the reasons we based our decision on to send our son to St Mary’s Childhood Education Centre still stand strong and we certainly are very satisfied with the service they provide. We would highly recommend the Centre to friends and family, that are looking for a high quality, professional, child care centre.

We wish St Mary’s Childhood Education Centre all the very best for the future.”