Our attendance policy


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This policy explains when your child should arrive and leave each day, what to do when they are absent, and the notice we need to stop using our childcare.

Arrival time

The Centre is open to receive children from 7:30am.

Your child should arrive at (or after) the start of their booked session.  If you arrive earlier, you need to stay with your child until the session starts.

You must arrange any other arrival times with staff beforehand.

Leaving time

Your child must leave the Centre by the end of their booked session, unless you’ve arranged another time with staff.

Tell the Centre as soon as possible if you have an emergency and will be late.

We will charge extra if your child spends longer than their booked time at the Centre.  We will add a $20 fee for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) you are late collecting your child.


Tell us if your child is going to be away.

Let us know if they are sick or you are on holiday. You still need to pay your daily childcare fee if your child is absent for short periods.

Frequently absent

If your child is often absent, the Centre may lose government funding for their care. This may happen if they:

  • are absent on the same enrolled day or days of the week, for more than half of these days in a calendar month
  • attend for fewer days per week than they are enrolled to attend, in more than half of the weeks in a calendar month, or
  • attend fewer hours than they are enrolled to attend, every day, on more than half of their enrolled days in a calendar month.

If your child continues being absent, we will ask you to reconfirm your child’s enrolment agreement with the Centre.

Notice to leave the Centre

You must give at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing if you want your child to stop attending our centre. We may charge daily fees for the period instead if you give us less notice.


Policy details

Applies to:  All parents/whanau/guardians

Enquiries to:  Head Teacher

Last updated:  June 2018