Policy for settling new children




Our policy for settling new children into childcare aims to help them settle happily into our centre.

Enrolling with us

We need to receive your completed enrolment form (with copies of your child’s current immunisation details and birth certificate attached) before your child starts their settling visits to the Centre. This form provides important information we need to know when caring for your child, such as emergency contact numbers and details of any allergies and medical requirements.

We like to know special information about each child (the important details that make up their day), so please record this on the sheet provided with your enrolment form. This information helps us:

  • provide the right, individual care for your child
  • work together with you to ensure our care fits well with care at home.

Preparing your child for their first settling visit

Encourage your child to pack a bag of spare clothes. Bring a toy or blanket for sleeping with if they need one to make them feel more comfortable. Name all of your child’s belongings in case you leave something behind. Talk positively about your visit to the Centre, and reassure your child that you will be there together.

Settling visits

We suggest that you arrange for you and your child to have at least 2 settling visits during the 2 weeks before they start at the Centre. You will not be charged for these visits as we feel they are an important part of settling your child into our Centre.  Your child will feel secure with you sharing the experience. The length of these visits can vary, depending on your needs and those of your child.

The visits enable your child to:

  • explore our Centre and environment
  • meet our staff and other children
  • watch and join in activities and routines with us.

We feel that the more time you spend in the Centre with your child, the more opportunities your child will have to become familiar with us and feel comfortable when they are here without you.

If you would like to leave your child for a short time on one of their settling visits, please discuss this with the Head Teacher on the day.

Your child’s first day

Each day your child attends the Centre,  you will need to record and sign the times that you leave and collect your child in our daily register.

When you are ready to leave your child for the day, inform a staff member who can help reassure your child when you leave and remind them that you will come back soon. We find it is better for your child if you say goodbye and leave quickly.

If you want to check how your child is coping, phone us and we can update you. We will contact you promptly if your child does not settle.

Some parents like to leave their children for shorter times in the first two weeks while they are settling in.

Your role as a parent and how we can help

Leaving your child in childcare for the first time can sometimes be more upsetting for you than for your child. Do let us know if you are feeling upset and we will help you through this time.

Remember that every child needs a different amount of time to settle into childcare, so allow as many visits as you and your child need.

It is also a good idea to talk positively with your child after each visit. Talk about the fun things they did, who they played with, and so on. This may help them to feel more settled in the Centre environment.

Welcome to our Centre

We look forward to getting to know you and your family.


Policy details

Applies to:  All parents/whanau/guardians

Enquiries to:  Head Teacher

Last updated:  July 2013