Mar 212017

The children were learning about the Ark and taking animals so decided to build their own Ark. It is created using balsa wood and thin dowels.  Initially we used PVA glue but this was taking to long to dry so we went inside and used the hot glue guns. A better result was achieved.  The children also added opaque paper for the sides and roof, they also made a cross and a wind wand to sit on the top.
The Ark is still holding together after a couple of weeks but slowly pieces are beginning to fall off.  I wonder what Noah did with his Ark after letting all Gods creatures off the Ark once land was found?

What learning do I think is happening here?
Sharing of equipment, recognising and accepting that everyone has their own ideas of how the creation should look, safety when using the hot glue guns.  Reinforcing the story of Noah and the Ark.