Jun 272018


This year has seen a huge effort being put into sustainability and operating a gardening and cooking program that teaches young children about where food comes from, how to garden and how to cook. We have just purchased individual cooking utensils for the children so rather than watching, they, begin to prepare and cook food themselves. Our gardening program is great with a vegetable garden, (seasonal vegetables) fruit trees, flower gardens and even a portable greenhouse so children learn about planting and nurturing seeds, harvest and plants. We have a worm farm, a compost bin and recycling bins. The children are taught to take care of our plants and our planet. Children learn about how we as human beings are part of the world and are sustained through the elements, they learn about planets and about the land. The children learn about gardening, from seedlings to produce and then how to cook it. The children also learn about the planting cycle of planting, caring for and then recycling the carps to re create food. The Church has now given us a bigger garden space where the children go and plant vegetables for their lunches.